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I Am a spiritual psychic Advisor i have helped people all over the world i specialize in reuniting loved ones i have 30 years of experience with helping loved ones helping in financial and careers and any other problem you may have An accurate psychic reading is different from a tarot psychic reading in that I do not use any tools. I simply listen to what I know and let you know what that is. The dictionary defines a psychic as someone who is sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature I like that definition

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spiritual psychic reader,adviser i can help with all problems in your life


over 30 years experience in helping people finding the answers they have been looking for,with love relationships and soul mates,i can look into your life and tell you what is going on and what is coming up for you.i can remove negative energy’s and restore good luck back in your life,

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09 Nov 2019 unsatisfactory ranking anik.l

Just wish she would add more detail and not just one word answers :/. When i request more detail she just said no details to give.... then gives me detail so im confused ? regardless she gave good news so lets hope she is right. EDIT: 1. that was not even my question I asked if he is thinking about not is he ready to contact me lol... obviously he would have by now....2. I just got a text from him so regardless the entire response is wrong......3. attacking me in the message box over my feedback is not professional.... please take the feedback in and consider it may just be true..... saying "no" lacks detail in anyway you want to put it. Sometimes saying "No because blah blah..." is more helpful. I'm changing my review from satisfactory to unsatisfactory do to well you being wrong lol and being VERY unprofessional.

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21 Jul 2019 unsatisfactory ranking alovenote (unregistered)

Weird reading overall. When I went to pay, came back and the reader had ended the chat, so that was frustrating but she says we got cut off. Immediately paid again because I assumed ya know, technical glitch, and the reader started talking about an issue I didn’t ask about beforehand and when I brought this to their attention, I had to give information all over again which wasted time...and kind of reinforced my feeling that the reader ended chat. Then during the reading I was a bit confused when she was initially giving information, I eventually disconnected because something didn’t feel right here. Maybe the reader will work for you but not for me.

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28 Jul 2018 unsatisfactory ranking ckotze

Had 3 readings with Amanda. Things turned out the exact opposite of what she said. Messaged her to clarify and she just wants to charge me more. I gave her a chance to clarify and explain, but clearly she is only interested in charging for more for incorrect info. It is very easy to make false predictions and then just blame it on free will etc. Giving false hope is cruel. I wont be back. I did not come back in a day, i came back 2 months later.

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02 Jul 2018 unsatisfactory ranking zandersb88

She overlooks what you are saying and misinterprets what you say.

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25 Jun 2018 unsatisfactory ranking monique8

6/5 she told me it’ll happen soon... 6/15 it hadn’t happened; went back to tell her and she still said wait, it’ll be soon... today, 6/25 I tell her still didn’t happen and can she tell me anything without charging. She gets an attitude saying I want her to read for free and that she didn’t give date but said soon. It’s been 3 weeks... soon is NOT 3 weeks.. ridiculous. I just wanted answers. I’ve spent a lot over this last month trying to figure things out and I don’t deserve this.

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