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Certified Psychic Intuitive - Only first names & questions needed! Confident & proven accuracy with timeframes. Reg $5.98 per min! Limited per min price & massive savings in packages :) New to Bitwine but with years of experience


Feedback from my clients:

"Most accurate reading I’ve ever gotten."

"Aerie is just the best! Months ago she said a certain event would happen and it did! :-) absolutely amazing!"

"Spoken to Aerie so many times I have lost count, but each time I talk to her she can pick up different details on the point I am questioning. Doesn’t repeat fairly tale stories! Her timing so far has been very accurate too… I would say 98% of the time that she has mentioned a date … then something has happened on that date!"


"Love Aerie!! Predictions were spot on and timing was crazy accurate! To the day!"

"Very fast typing. Honest. Reassuring. Worth every penny! On point with possible conversation with POI. Kinda trippy how right she always is! Always a great help!"

"She has been the only psychic who was able to tell me the truth about someone. She was so quick and precise with just the name. I will be calling back. Thank you"

"She is amazing and accurate!"

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Hi there! I’m Aerie :)

I am a certified Psychic intuitive, Reiki master & Ascension Coach. I am accredited by several world class psychics & metaphysical practitioners. I also have a BscHons First class division in Social Policy with Sociology. My previous work guarantees I have heard and saw everything so please be comfortable approaching me with any concern you have :)

I have been conducting readings for many years in my private practice & on several well-known platforms so I may be new to Bitwine but I am certainly not new to readings. I have delivered over 10,000 up to now :)

I offer free introductions so you won’t be "On the clock" as I am asking your name and details of the question. When we are ready I will send the payment request. I am a fast typist so your questions will be answered quickly.

I have been tried and tested over the years so take the opportunity to see for yourself at this very limited price!

Your feedback on our sessions is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance :)


Please read entire profile before deciding to call :)

My readings are delivered in a way that will UPLIFT and ENLIGHTEN you!! Your happiness and positivity is my absolute priority! My aim is to be a friend and a listening ear in times of worry but I have the added advantage of being able to source details from the Spirit World. My clients return again and again – See my Feedback!

No general readings :) I work only with specific energies, i.e. a person already in your life :)

I always offer free introductions but a reading is an investment so get the most out of it by reading the instructions below.


•Please take a few deep breaths as this will clear your energy and make it easier for me to tune into

•Only click chat if you have the intention to enter a paid session – No free readings

•be ready to provide me with your first name and depending on the query, the first name of the person you are enquiring about or in the example of a job prospect a keyword that I can use to tune into it.

•I don’t need dates of birth

•Have your specific questions ready but please only ask one at a time.

•If you copy and paste details please be aware it will take me a little longer to connect as I am connecting as you are TYPING a question.

•Please be aware that 3 minutes will not get you a detailed reading. I will be able to answer a question but it may not be with the detail you seek. In my experience, a good first reading will take at least 10 minutes.


•I will ALWAYS tell you the truth about what I am seeing whether this is negative or positive. (Please be prepared for this before our call and don’t rate me lowly simply for giving news you may not like.

•I will be straight to the point and will not fill our readings with "fluff" or spiritual jargon. If I am seeing something related to moon cycles or planetary alignments (astrology) I will mention it but will point you in the direction of independent research as this is not my area of expertise.

•I also recognise that this is a premium service based on a pay per minute ethos so I will conduct our readings swiftly. I will not waste your hard earned money or try to keep you on the line longer than necessary.

•If I am not connecting I will immediately end the chat and follow up with an email

• I will ALWAYS be compassionate in my delivery no matter the outcome

•I have proven accuracy for timing but do not guarantee it as there is often more than one person’s free will involved. This includes focusing ONLY on the timing instead of the overall outcome.

NO REFUNDS GIVEN – Payment is not for the messages but for my time and energy :) Thank you for your understanding.

I am required by law to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only. You must be aged 18+ to have a reading with me. I am also unable to look at questions pertaining to health, pregnancy, death or legal issues as it is prohibited by law.

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28 Aug 2019 unsatisfactory ranking higherthought

Reading was vague and confusing. She may work out for others however for myself there were conflicting statements. Thanks for trying.

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18 Jun 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Lynn (unregistered)

started with a happy love story and then changed it all in the end with how I use my "free will" to tolerate someone else's bad behavior. I would've appreciated a straight story from the start and I deserve that.

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04 Feb 2019 unsatisfactory ranking buu

At first, her reading made me upset because it wasn't entirely positive but I told myself to accept the truth. Now that I am going through the transcript again, I find that she is kinda contradictory. Initially she said as she looked ahead, she sees that he stays in my life. And that as things move ahead it will become more enjoyable. After that, she says this is not a long term thing. Then she said he will travel a lot and that's when the friendship dies. As I look it again I find it so hard to believe. Seriously?? Clients come here to look for guidance and advice But her reading left me more confused!

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23 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking chasitylynn2001

Not impressed. Slow to respond a d I asked the same question twice & never got an answer.

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