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As a Twin Flame I am uniquely qualified to work with and help other twin flames. Being a true twin is hard enough without having to go through this alone. I have been searching far and wide for different techniques that are effective in moving this dance forward. I offer healings that help clear the connection as well as work through and remove anything blocking you from moving forward. I believe we as twins have a mission and a purpose to help the planet evolve and ascend to higher vibrations. Dark energies don’t want us to fulfill our mission and are free to interfere unless we consciously do something about it to clear them and protect ourselves and our twin.

Deep Healing For You And Your Divine Counterpart In this service I will address the following:

Confirmation of your connection. Not everyone will have a divine counterpart incarnated this lifetime. Identifying and removing the blocks. Clearing and upgrading your energy system. Clearing dark energies. if you have them. What is the next step?

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I’m the owner of "The Spiritual Therapy & Wellness Center " holistic shop in Roswell, NM. For the past 15 years I have been helping people and healing hearts daily.


I cater my spiritual work to your needs the price is different depending on what you need. $35-$350 I have over 15 years of experience with spiritual healings! Allow me to help you! I will be guiding you step by step on what I’ll be doing and what you need to do. Together we will be bringing the utmost peace, happiness & joy to your life with one of my healings!


Readings I offer. Per Min – $4.99/ Tarot Card Reading – $45 for 20 mins($99 value) /Rune Stone Reading – $55 for 30 mins($149 value) /Crystal Reading(In-depth) – $65(unlimited time)

I discovered my gift at the age of 5. And I’m also a 3rd generation reader, meaning I grew up in all things spiritual. This is not just a career, this is my passion!

I am a very honest to the point reader. I will guide you in the right direction to take while notifying you about any obstacles that may be standing in your way. allowing us to help you become the best that you can be, ultimately leading you to the correct path allowing you to experience your life to the fullest. My goal is to make sure you leave me with a better understand of your future! I will never withhold any important details from you. The reason for this is because we all have the power of free will, and have the chance to change our future! while we only have one life to live! why not live it to the fullest! Lets see what the future holds for YOU!

Love & Light - Angie

NO REFUNDS by contacting me you are agreeing to my terms and conditions as you are paying for my time, I do not offer any type of REFUNDS Thank You, Miss Angie :)

($10 Deals are limited to one per caller – $10 Deals are for new clients only.)

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