NOT GIVING FREE READINGS OR FREE QUESTIONS,Psychic angela708 is a proud owner and license psychic shop in Chicago Illinois ware she has helped many overcome their biggest fear, angela708 has been giving readings in person and over the phone for 12 years I am a 5th generation natural born gifted psychic I have been blessed with spiritual gifts of CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRAUDIENCE,Clairsentience, EMPATHY, as well as AUTOMATIC CHANNELING. I also have an extremely Physical or Spiritual Realmbvgbvbf, in the PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE!

I am an ETHICAL PSYCHIC what’s my clairvoyant I am able to tune in to your spirit sensing the connections around you and all the pathways and where they lead I can educate you on the people that are in yoBitwineur life because Who you surround yourself whit can truly affect your path, do you have questions on an individuals thoughts Feelings or intentions I can help answer all these questions has a inpath I can tune into an individuals thoughts feelings and intentions.

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No refunds The services that I offer here is provided by fait thanks and many blessings


Nonjudgmental psychic I have achieved all of my gifts to the full extent my spiritual gift is something that I was born whit not something that I had to take classes to learn abut or read books on how to read tarot cards or how to pull somebody’s energy,this is a spiritual gifts that was given to me at birth I have the power to heal the broken and also see the future when I was seven years old are used to have dreams not knowing days later my dreams would come true Some dreams for scary and some dreams were peaceful, at the age of 13 when ever I would sit close enough to someone I would pick up on their thoughts feelings emotions and I would also zone out and see things then I would Express what I saw for that person not knowing that they were predictions they were people who excepted my predictions and there are also some that were upset because some people are just scared to except the truth,my grandmother then told me that the reason I would zone out is because I was looking into their future and she opened up and told me that I was a 5th generation psychic and that I should not be a scared of my abilities because they will naturally come to me all at once and she was right because once I started to understand my abilities at such a young age all my abilities kept growing more and more and then I had more interest to develop them to the full extent…

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